OOTD: How to Wear Striped Maxi Dresses (Part Two)


With the cooler days quickly approaching, it is easy to get excited about warmer clothing, quickly leaving the summer behind, but I say hold on to the sunshine as long as you can! Follow my lead and show some stripe today.

Not only is a black and white maxi dress (or a maxi skirt) highly trending, this past few months have made it clear that maxis are essential pieces of wardrobe every woman should own, and an absolute perfect way to dive into the Fall season in high style.

In Part One of this post,  I’ve shown you how to style your striped maxi for daytime, using a $100, Calvin Klein maxi masterpiece:


OOTD: How to Wear Striped Maxi Dresses (Part One) | FreeUrCloset

This post is all about the glam, and for this, I’ve chosen a sexy, backless and very affordable $20 maxi number, proving that sexy forms need not come at the cost of luxurious prices. This type of maxi dresses are sure to captivate the any crowd.

With it’s thick bold black and white stripes, it delivers a head-turning, double taking entrance, while it’s sexy, skin bearing low-cut back calls for a dramatic exit. You might not even notice the chunky baubles around my neck, the sparkly clutch and shoes, nor my whimsical earrings, but I am sure that all of you will notice my oversized Calvin Klein hat. In the previous post, I’ve stated that a little bit of bling goes a long way, and I figured this was the perfect stripped dress I can dress up, and get away with it. My secret here is that I’ve managed to stay within the same color range (black, white, and silver), therefore making all the colors work together, as a team.

As trending as stripes are, (in both nautical and classic themes) one must be very careful when it comes to stripes. While vertical stripes are slimming, horizontal stripes have quite the opposite effect. That is why I was thrilled to have found this ‘gem’ of a maxi. It clings in all the right places and feels light and airy, hiding all that needs to be hidden with the thick contrasting stripes. The gorgeous Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort was the perfect place to show off some stripes.

20130706_141417 20130706_143244 20130706_141335 20130706_141442(0) 20130706_14210920130706_14154320130706_14165320130706_141604 20130706_14322120130706_141410 20130706_143209

What I love most about striped maxi dresses is that when a woman chooses her stripes wisely, a striped maxi dress can look great on any size model, and is sure to enhance all the right assets. With the appropriate accessories, these dresses transition from day to night with ease. Don’t forget that maxi dresses and skirts can also be worn between seasons. I can’t wait to show you how I’d wear this fabulous dress in much colder weather.

How do you wear your stripes?



Saturday Man Candy: Cowboys are The Best Boys

Cowboy Man Candy Collage

Even though we are native New Yorkers who prefer our men well-suited and dressed up to the nines, we gladly admire those rough ridin’, lasso swingin’, boot wearin’ and good lookin’ Arizona cowboys. And, if you must judge from our handsome cowboy photo collection, yes, we love them best when they’re shirtless and ripped! 😉

So here’s an ode to our spankin’ hot and handsome Cowboy-toys who can wear a hat and a BIG belt buckle oh so well:

With those six-pack abs and a BITE-able ass
Our cowboys are rugged yet they show a lady nothing but class.
Those skin-tight wranglers, boots, and hat
Make our mouth water and our hearts go splat.
Striding across a dusty field
If they wanted to RIDE us we would gladly yield.
Our masculine heroes can bring large horses and other steers to heel
They have tamed a wild frontier
And they can TAME us willingly as we cheer (Yee-hawwww!)
Cowboy Man Candy 22 Cowboy Man Candy 12 Cowboy Man Candy 25 Cowboy Man Candy 7 Cowboy Man Candy 4 Cowboy Man Candy 9 Cowboy Man Candy 5 Cowboy Man Candy 16 Cowboy Man Candy 24
Giddy Up!


OOTD: My Long Cardi is My Cozy Friend

Fall Cardigan 9

With Fall upon us, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of slipping into my favorite comfy, cozy and oversized vintage cardigan. Trends be damned, my cardi and leggings are probably the two clothing items in my closet that I can’t seem to do without during the cooler AZ months.

Fall Cardigan 6 Fall Cardigan 4 Fall Cardigan 10

Cardigans are the perfect layering essential for the summer-to-fall transition. Here are some of my current cardi faves:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Where to buy:  Mango / BB Dakota / Free People / Ralph Lauren

What is your Fall favorite essential?



Saturday Man Candy: The Swag-alicious and Ohhh-So Sexy Harvey Specter of Suits

Suits 26

The saying goes that a suit makes the man, but we beg to differ…in the case of Harvey Specter, we think the man definitely makes the suit (even though we would prefer Harvey in nothing but his birthday suit…hihihi). And Specter’s suit wearing skillzzzz has the FreeUrCloset gals glued to the TV every Tuesday night, watching Suits, drool towel in one hand and Martini in the other, wishing we could lick the screen every time Harvey appears in sight…yum!

Ladies (and gents) if you are not familiar with the show, Suits, then we suggest you make it a point to watch an episode, if not only to marvel at the awesomeness that is Harvey Specter (played by the hunk-alicious Gabriel Macht). Dubbed the James Bond of TV, Gabriel Macht’s fictional lawyer character is the ultimate “bad-ass” who makes Suits a witty, funny, sexy and highly addictive show.

Why is Harvey worthy of Saturday Man Candy status?

1. His Cocky Swagger
Harvey is smooth, smart and confident in and out of the courtroom. He doesn’t mind breaking the rules at times to stay ahead of his competition, which says so much about why we lust over him: Harvey’s not afraid of displaying his balls. 😉

Suits 12 Suits 11

Suits 2 Suits 22 Suits 21

Suits 10 Suits 3

2. His Mane
Powerful, stylish and uncompromising, if it was possible, we would make love to Harvey’s hair. The mane has amassed so many devoted fans that it’s even given rise to its very own Facebook page. Check it out here.

Suits 14

3. His Three-Piece Suit

In every episode, Harvey Specter dresses like a boss with a three-piece suit which probably costs more than half our wardrobe. A twelve-thousand dollar Tom Ford power suit? Real nice, but … we’d prefer his suit scattered on our bedroom floor so we can admire the “other” three-piece equipment … between his legs <wink wink>

Suits 15 Suits 8 Suits 16 NUP_148281_1176.jpg

Indeed, the best closer in New York “suits” all our needs. We’d love to take Harvey
on any day of the week, baby…in the bedroom…rip his suit off (with our
teeth)…throw him on the bed …use his necktie to pin him to the bedpost and …. and close the deal … ohhhh myyyyy!

Suits 27 Suits 4

The final episode of Season 3 airs Sept. 17 on the USA network. Happy watching!



School of Plaid

Carpe Diem Sweater
“Christian: This jacket. Is it Jason Priestly, or James Dean?  Cher: Carpe Diem! You look hot in it.”  – from the movie Clueless

Whenever I reminisce about the 90s, I think of fashionable teen queen Cher Horowitz in Clueless and her awesome yellow plaid school girl skirt/jacket in the scene where she quotes those two memorable words, “As If!”Nineties fashion rocked and when I look at this year’s back-to-school trends, I feel like I’m in the movie Clueless!

With my daughter going back to (pre)school, I became nostalgic for the classic plaid and pleated skirt. I DIY’ed my daughter’s hello kitty skirt for her first day of school, so I wanted to join in on the plaid/tartan trend craze with my own modern take on an old school look.

Sweater: Banana Republic, here / Skirt: QMack, here
Booties: London Rebel, here / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Mac
Plaid Skirt Plaid Skirt 2 Plaid Skirt 3 Plaid Skirt 4 Plaid Skirt 6 Plaid Skirt 8 Plaid SKirt 5 Plaid Skirt 7 NatSignature
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OOTD: Palazzo Passion

Take a hike skinny jeans, and make room for the new pants in town!

Palazzo pants have quickly become the absolute ‘must haves’ (and must wants) this season. Without sacrificing comfort, these floor sweeping pants are a perfect alternative to a maxi skirt. They are showing up in many different color assortments and are ideal for the carefree summer/fall days of lounging, shopping, and lunch dates.

If one piece body-suits are all the rage, you should try wearing them with these super-wide and high waisted comfy pants. Spending my hot summer in the breathtakingly beautiful Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort, I’ve balanced my favorite palazzo pants with a tight fitting corp top from Topshop, added nude wedges by Classified, Forever21 bling, and a bright fluorescent orange cross bag by Marc Fisher.

These boho chic, urban street wear pants may come in all sorts of prints and colors, but I  prefer mine in this fun and colorful aztec print. Whenever I wear my Palazzios, not only do I feel that they flatter my ‘silhouette’, I get endless complements on my ‘legs for miles’. Be forewarned, ladies, once you get into these fashionably comfortable and laid back pants, you will find it hard to take them off, and might soon find yourselves living (maybe even sleeping) in them … speaking from experience. 😝

20130706_134604(0)20130706_1345231 20130706_133912 20130706_133819 20130706_133939 20130706_133824 20130706_134034 20130706_134347 20130706_134105 20130706_13485220130706_134207 20130706_134237 20130706_134903 20130706_13432920130706_134858 20130706_134737 20130706_134949

Will you be rocking the Palazzo look this season?



Saturday Man Candy: 50 Shades of Charlie Hunnam


“Before I know it, he’s got both of my hands in his viselike grip above my head, and he’s pinning me to the wall using his lips … His other hand grabs my hair and yanks down, bringing my face up, and his lips are on mine … My tongue tentatively strokes his and joins his in a slow, erotic dance … His erection is against my belly.”

Stop biting your lip, or I will fuck you in the elevator, and I don’t care who gets in with us.”

An excerpt from 50 Shades of Grey, by E L James.

Both, graphic and erotic, this heavy-breathing book has set many tongues wagging, mouths salivating, sent many hands wandering beneath sheets during bedtime readings, and surely has sent us ‘flying too close to the sun’, now finally has a leading male who is to play the handsome, brilliant and intimidating Christian Grey, and his name is Charlie Hunnam.

This scorchingly sexy 6’1, 33 year old British export, whose looks alone sets our “inner Goddesses” aflame, is the perfect Christian freakin’ Grey, with all the right attributes to take on this sexy lead role.

Hot and Dangerous, hmmm just how we like him, riding hard and fast (suggestively) … a bit of drool escaping our mouths at his leather wearing skillzzz 😜



Two words –That ‘bod’. Just look at that magnigicently chiseled physic and you can tell he is a full packaged deal. Hmmm this beef cake can kiss us “there” anytime … 👅


Naughty naughty, we like a man who isn’t afraid to ‘experiment’. Charlie, we want to run our fingers through all your manes (starting at North and ending up South of the equator). 😊


 Props to Charlie’s unique sense of style … it’s uber sexy having many different men in one package … 👏

514 517 518 516 515 502

The man even does a beanie proud … we are ready to be your kinky sex slaves at a drop of .. ahem .. a beanie?


Charlie Hunnam’s smile captivates any audience,



but it’s mostly the size of his hands that holds us ‘lip bitingly’ captivated  😍



just the sight of Charlie ‘lounging’ in various state of undress makes us turn 50 shades of red at our mischievously dirty imaginations …

… he doesn’t even need to talk British to us 😁

513 512

Dubbed “Mommie porn” due to the majority of its readers being married women in their 30’s, haha, 50 Shades of Grey might be a bit detailed and quite graphic. It is not a recommended read for the unimaginative and close minded or weakheartedMommies‘. However, even though we are not into BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism) .. ahem, well, okay maybe we do have some Bondage experience .. we feel that the book can electrify certain aspects of any couples’ bedroom. It is definitely wickedly delicious and an intensely inspiring read.

“I gasp, and I’m in the Garden of Eden, and he’s the serpent, and I cannot resist.”

Charlie Hunnam, the main reason we tune in to watch Sons of Anarchy, admittingly in hopes of seeing his perfectly shaped derrière, in its sixth season, (starting September 10th), now gives us yet another reason to revisit the 50 Shades of Grey and its two equally steamy sister counterparts, giggle like school girls … maybe snort a little too, and feel sexy again … while providing a fun, entertaining escape, and occasionally at least in our fantasies flirting with the dark side in the bedrooms, or elevators.

Can’t wait to see him trade in heavy and bulky guns for silk ties, blindfolds and silver balls.

“He holds out his hand, and in his palm are two shiny silver balls linked with a thick black thread … Inside me! I gasp, and all the muscles deep in my belly clench. My inner goddess is doing the dance of the seven veils … Oh my … It’s a curious feeling. Once they’re inside me, I can’t really feel them–but then again I know they’re there … Oh my … I may have to keep these. They make me needy, needy for sex.”

Suddenly August 1st 2014 seems sooooo faaaarr awwaayyyyyy.


Happy reading and hoping you all get to turn 50 Shades of Red this weekend, with just the right touch of vanilla BDSM?


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