Saturday Man Candy: Getting Freaky with Mindfreak, Chris Angel


Chris Angel has had us under his spell ever since he’s made his television debut as a Street Performer/Illusionist with a sexy, dark vibe. We couldn’t get enough of his bad boy charisma and the big bulge in his skin-tight rocker pants, that had us glued to our couches, Believing and Mindfreaking with him.

It wasn’t just his super skilled flexible fingers doing card tricks that would get our imaginations going … It was pure magnetism … a big, strong, sexy, daring, and fearless man who can levitate, walk on water, walk on air? One never knew what treat we were in for. Who wouldn’t crave this exotic man in their bed? Each episode would leave us wondering what it would feel like to have those expertly ‘magical’ fingers/hands/other body parts on us. 😝

ca25 ca22 ca26 ca4 ca8 ca3

An immortal hunk who bravely plays games with his life just to entertain little ol’ us, and has a body of a chiseled greek god to boot?

ca21 ca27

… and lets not even mention what his passion for motorcycles does to us 👅


Ever hear the saying:

Every woman should have four pets:

1) A mink in her closet,

2) A jaguar in the garage,

3) A tiger in bed,

4) and A jackass who pays for it all ???

Somehow we came to the conclusion that Chris Angel is the perfect pet we all crave …

1) The man has style, just look at all his ‘ice’ and you’ll never doubt he’d keep you in mink 😜



2) Chris is known for his vast custom car collection .. we’re sure there’s a ‘Jag‘ (or a Bentley) in there somewhere.


3) We already know he’s super flexible, has high endurance, and were very happy to discover that Chris sure has all the right ‘tools‘ to be a tiger in our bed. Don’t take our word for it, just google ‘Chris Angel naked‘ and let us know what you think … 👅


4) and let’s face it, it is a known fact that horses are well hung, so where does that leave jackasses? Besides, have you seen where this jackass lives? 


So ladies (and gents), next time you’re in Vegas, don’t be shy, stop by Luxor Hotel & Casino and say hello to our perfect pet … you’ll be in for a treat. Keep your eyes away from the bulge, and hands off, of course, or we might have a ‘tigress’ fight (wink wink).

ca32 ca31 ca30


Wishing you all a magical weekend! 😘



OOTD: ‘Cause baby I’m a Firework 🎆🎇


Blouse: Chocolate / Bandage Skirt: The Streethere / Strappy Wedges: Bamboohere / Belt: f21 / Necklace: Fashion Bug, / Rings: old, / Earrings+Bracelets: H&M

When I think of Las Vegas, images of big, flashing neon signs are the first things that come to mind, so when I saw this highlighter-green bandage skirt, I knew it was coming with me on the Vegas road trip.

Though my favorite way of wearing neon these days is on my fingernails, I’ve never been afraid of neon colors. I was thrilled when these fun and uplifting colors made their fashion comeback. Some people can pull of a ‘neon on neon’ look, but I prefer to to wear it by pairing it down with some simple basic colors, such as black, white, creme or navy blue.

And what better way to celebrate Bastille Day than dressing up for this bright and festive holiday, walking the streets of Paris Hotel, enjoying the old world charm of the cobble stone streets, glowing lanterns, gorgeous fountains, replica buildings and shops, while waiting for the spectacular fireworks show to begin.

🎆Letting my colors burst🎇

20130612_162154Torre_Eiffel_(Las_Vegas) 20130613_144724 20130613_15070320130613_144548 20130613_144435 20130613_144056 20130613_14450420130613_145719  20130613_150831 20130613_144558


Au revoir lovelies  💋 



Read My Lips!

Lipstick and Polka Dots

“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” – Gwyneth Paltrow

Today’s outfit is brought to you by the color RED. It’s a bold, daring, and confident color which never goes out of style. I call a timeless red lip stain an “instant beauty-lift”. I believe every woman should own at least one kick-ass red lipstick in her makeup arsenal. Most of my daily outfits are not complete without a fierce red on my lips.

Wearing a lipstick print shirt by Bebe (old), polka dot shorts by American Rag (similar here), smoking lips clutch (Ebay), red heels by Steve Madden (Ebay).

Looking for a perfect red? Here are three choices you should pucker up to:
Mac’s Russian Red(pictured) – Probably the most popular “true red” around and my personal favorite. Russian Red is very flattering without being overly glossy.
Smashbox Be Legendary – A gorgeous shade of red. Moisturizing and truly long lasting. I used this one for years without any complaints.
Revlon Love That Red– A cheaper alternative that delivers. It’s a great shade which flatters any skin tone and the moisture-rich formula feels great on.

Lipstick and Polka Dots 2 Lipstick and Polka Dots 3 Lipstick and Polka Dots 7 Lipstick and Polka Dots 8 Lipstick and Polka Dots 4
Lipstick and Polka Dots 6
Do you wear RED?


Saturday Man Candy: Let’s Score with Real Madrid’s Fantasy Four

Real Madrid Team

Real Madrid is an entire football team of studs with strong bodies, playing rough, ready to score, and able to give headers all game long 😉 No wonder we are avid soccer fans, spectators, and – most importantly – Madridistas!

Ladies, just in case you are not familiar with soccer’s finest, do not fret, we are here to clue you in on which (flexible) Real Madrid players are the most deserving of your undivided attention. We have dubbed these hunky men our very own “Fantasy Four” and, after viewing photos of their perfect physique and ball handling skillz, we are sure they will give your dry humping fantasies a good workout as well ;).

Christiano Ronaldo – The most expensive footballer in history, a phenomenal player who scores goals which are “works of majesty” (much like his abs) and, most importantly, seeing him shirtless is proof that God loves us and wants us happy ;).

Real Madrid Ronaldo 5 Real Madrid Ronaldo 10 Real Madrid Ronaldo 11 Real Madrid Ronaldo Real Madrid Ronaldo 6

C-Ron is an infallible ladies man, a dedicated follower of fashion who is known for toting a man bag and parading around in tiny shorts, and a bit “cocky” to boot. We don’t mind his eccentric fashion sense or his cockiness, just give us more “bulge” shots like this beautiful work of art pictured below and we will remain his devoted fans for life 😉 :

Real Madrid Ronaldo 8

Sergio Ramos – Sergio has one of the most beautiful baller bodies we’ve ever seen. Thankfully for us, he has little problem showing it off…as often as possible. In 2005, he joined Real Madrid and has since cemented a reputation as one of the most reliable defenders in world soccer. Ladies, we suggest that now may be a good time to become fans of Spanish soccer, if for nothing else, to be able to see Ramos in action. And it’s always an added treat when he removes his shirt to showcase his washboard abs 😉

Real Madrid Sergio Ramos 2 Real Madrid Sergio Ramos 6 Real Madrid Sergio Ramos 10 Real Madrid Sergio Ramos 3 Real Madrid Sergio Ramos 12

Xabi Alonso – Xabi is Spain’s answer to James Bond and all specimens exquisite. Yes, Spain’s no.14 is our kinda man. His chiseled profile is mesmerizing. His fashion sense and elegance is intoxicating. Xabi is quite simply the classiest motherf**r to exist in the world of football and beyond. And he can play ball – really well. Class and sass…it’s a hard combination to resist.

Real Madrid Xabi Alonso 2 Real Madrid Xabi Alonso 5 Real Madrid Xabi Alonso 6 Real Madrid Xabi Alonso 8 Real Madrid Xabi Alonso 3

Iker Casillas – This tall, dark, and handsome hunk of manflesh has been guarding the posts of the Spanish goal in a magnificent fashion for quite a while and has been getting finer with the passage of time. Let’s just say we’ve really got a thing for goalkeepers….and their large gloves. If Iker’s hands can work that kind of magic on the field, just imagine how good those hands are between the sheets….hmmmmm 😉

Real Madrid Iker 5 Real Madrid Iker 2 Real Madrid Iker 6

All that fancy footwork. Great stamina and endurance. Clingy shorts that leave “something” to the imagination. Oh yesss…..we are definitely into this game and we want to experience all their right moves on, and preferably, off the field. Let’s take it to the bedroom…GOOOOOAAAALLLLLL!

Real Madrid Gif

If you want to check out our hot men in action, you can view Real Madrid’s 2013 schedule here. Happy drooling!



Something Thrifted, Something New

Tank Dress 20Sexy and versatile, this long tank dress never met a packed suitcase it couldn’t handle or a packed dance floor it couldn’t impress 😉 And the best part is I found the dress at my favorite consignment store, My Sister’s Closet, along with the funky sandals pictured for a whopping $35.

The accessories are new. I must confess. My name is Natasha and I am a Bling-aholic. Since I started blogging I’ve become obsessed with jewelry, especially anything gold and shiny. Anyone with me??? We can start our own blingaholics anonymous group ;).

Three Dots Tank Dress and Black Sandals, My Sister’s Closet / Wide Brim Hat, Charming Charlie / Gold Fish Earrings, Tory Burch, similar here / Bracelet, Cara NY, here / Gold Choker, Kenneth Cole / Handbag: Vintage Brahmin

Tank Dress 2 Tank Dress 14 Tank Dress 5 Tank Dress 10 Tank Dress 7 Tank Dress 12 Tank Dress 18 Tank Dress 19 Tank Dress 21



Saturday Man Candy: Thunderstruck by Thunder From Down Under 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🌏👍👍

“When in Vegas” … Always Get your Aussie On!


So there we were, two uninhibited bffs, husbandless in Vegas, faced with all these drool-worthy billboards of nearly naked buff beefcakes. Darn temptation in Sin City! Where do we head to? Why … to get the best ‘bang’ for our bucks, of ‘course

— aka The Thunder From Down Under!


We were trying so hard to walk (and not stumble while running) to the ticket booths, in need of some raunchy, risqué, hands on entertainment ;), and were blown away by this crew of ripped authentic Australian hardbodies, so hot that their accents alone, made us melt, and left us wondering how a man is capable of such amazing acts.

Thank You Australia! We’re not sure what’s in the water down there, but they sure do breed some washboard abs, gleaming smiles, tight buns, muscular arms, beefcakes galore, and these boys know how to serve it. 😉

t13 t10 t14 t4 t2 t3 t1

Seeing Thunder is much like riding a roller-coaster — thrilling and exhilarating! These rock hard musclemen swept us off our feet and had us screaming like lunatics throughout the whole ‘performance’ … Definitely the highlight of our trip!

But for our hubbies (who might lay their eyes on this post 😮 ), we should mention that the show had an educational aspect to it … example: We were educated on the difference between a French kiss and an Australian kiss .. An Australian kiss is just like a French kiss, only they do it down under!!! (hint hint).

Not only can this group dance on tables and hump the rowdy audience, they also do backflips, handstands, and wicked pelvic thrusts. They aren’t shy either, encourage touching, you know us two, little innocent lambs wouldn’t dare tell you all, but (for hubbies protection) will only share that Natasha participated in a ‘fake orgasm’ contest, and I  pinched and slapped a butt, (but he was asking for it, hihihi). Expect a lot of manly-man getups from Doctor, Policemen, Pirate, Gangster, Cowboy and Firemen who creates heat on his own terms, with a finale that’s as hot as the Las Vegas desert on a scorching summer day. Energetic, fast-paced, and enjoyable show … all 65 minutes of it, ending way too fast … we could’ve watched these red hot Aussies for a month.

t5 t9

If you enjoy watching sexy men strut their enormous stuff and strip down to their unmentionables, make this the first show you buy tickets for. Leave your modesty and manners at home and get ready for a scandalously “naughty” Thunder From Down Under time! 

So When in Vegas … get your Aussie On in Excalibur Hotel and Casino

… and if you’re lucky to pick up a souvenir … or two or   🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌… stick to the saying: “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” 😜




OOTD: 🗽 Celebrating Independence Day in Style 🇺🇸

✟ God bless America,

Land that I love,

🗽Stand beside her and guide her

🌟Thru the night with a light from above;

From the mountains, to the prairies, 🌄

🌊To the oceans white with foam,

God bless America, 🇺🇸

🎆My home, sweet home. 🎇

20130702_130737 20130702_130545 20130702_130636 20130702_130930 20130702_130640 20130702_130616 20130702_130734 20130702_130916 20130702_130750 20130702_130759 20130702_130823 20130702_130905

Stand up –
Stand tall –
Say it loud.

🇺🇸 “We are one Nation under God!”   🇺🇸



OOTD: Bellagio Blues


Jacket: Chi Ole / Top: Bozzolo / Skirt: Best Codyhere / Sandals: Forever /           Wristlet: Juicy Couture / Necklace and Ring: Urban Outfitters / Bracelets: Macy’s /           Glasses: Ray Ban, here.

Even though the famous dancing water fountain, located in front of Bellagio Casino Resort, doesn’t dance to many blues tunes, I thought it appropriate to name this post after the color of my outfit. Whenever we visit Las Vegas, Bellagio Casino Resort is one of my favorite hotels on the strip. On my last trip to Italy, I was excited to visit the ancient town of Bellagio, located by the famous Lake Como, and of course, expected to find a town filled with fountains and astonishing water features, but was very surprised to find a peaceful, ancient and beautiful, waterfront, yet fountain less city instead. ImageImage

Upon closer inspection of Bellagio Casino Resort, I have found two resemblances to the Lake side town of Bellagio, Italy. Both are situated on a lake, and Bellagio Hotel building architecture resembles the historical Villa Melzi d’Eril, in Bellagio, Italy.


Villa Melzi d’Eril, province of Bellagio, Italy.


Bellagio Casino Resort, Las Vegas, NV.

Leaning on a gorgeously carved stone wall, listening to Sinatra’s “Luck Be a Lady”, wearing my blues, I’m truly enjoying the postcard perfect view of the mesmerizing synchronized dancing water show. ImageImagelv ImageImage20130613_1533371 20130613_1533161ImageFor more Bellagio Casino Resort enchantments, and to see not only waterworks, but their indoor botanical conservatory, colorful Lobby ceiling and famous glass Fiori di Como sculpture, visit their attractions page,  Las Vegas Hotels – Bellagio. You will understand why this is one of my favorite LV Hotels.

LV4LV1 signature


Saturday Man Candy: Young, Studly, and Smoldering Alex Pettyfer

Ladies, you’ve probably figured out by now that we like our men like our tea…Hot and British.
Henry Cavill, David Gandy, David Beckham, David McIntosh (are all Davids this hot?!)…it’s a British beefcake invasion! Judging from our manly man lust list, I think we reside in the wrong country; England is calling us and Alex Pettyfer is on top of our “British hunks to stalk” list 😉


23-year old Alex Pettyfer may be a young lad with limited experience (just how we like him, hihihi) but he is certainly not just another actor with a pretty face. Alex has starred in a string of hit films, breaking into the acting business at age 15, when he was cast as teenage Alex Rider in the film Stormbreaker. Since then he’s gone on to star in Wild Child opposite Emma Roberts, Beastly with Vanessa Hudgens, and, of course, Magic Mike alongside heart throb Channing Tatum. With a slight bad boy reputation, not to mention those perfectly toned abs, Alex embodies the right amount of mystery and sexy.

Alex Pettyfer 1 Alex Pettyfer 8 Alex Pettyfer 7 Alex Pettyfer 9

We’ve read that Alex is a possible candidate for the role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades and we are loving the idea. Alex has that bit of a dangerous side to him that we would love to explore (in our erotic dreams) 😉 Picture Alex now…this fine, young specimen spread out on my bed…

Alex Pettyfer 6

giving me a come hither look with his smoldering green eyes…

me, running my fingers through his dirty blonde hair, slowly making my way down to his…

him, having his way with me, cuffing me to my bed…

mmmm…ok we think this summer desert heat is definitely getting to us…or maybe it’s just Alex’s smooth sense of style that has us hot and bothered. After all, we like our men fashionable, yet eager to take it all off 😉

Alex Pettyfer 3 Alex Pettyfer 5 Alex Pettyfer 4 Alex Pettyfer 10

It seems we’re not the only ones slightly obsessed with Alex. Glamour magazine ranked him 21st on their list of sexiest men on the planet. And, since his strip act in Magic Mike left us wanting more, we are ranking Alex as one of our top ten favorite babes on the big screen 😉

Alex Pettyfer 2 alex-pettyfer-magic-mike

Work it baby!



A Bright Escape

Finding the right outfit is like finding the perfect man. It can make you feel happy, sexy and get you in the mood (to conquer the world!).  For the warmer weather, my ideal outfit consists of a bright-colored dress (check!), the perfect shoes (check!), and chichi accessories (check!). I am ready for that sweet summer escape!

Inspired by summer’s bright and bold colors, my “look of the day” is a coral dress from Nine West, multi-color wedges from Born, whimsical “some people do drugs, I buy shoes” tote from Unique Vintage, snake necklace from Boutique Collection, coral bracelet and hat from Charming Charlie.



OOTD: Retro Print all the Way!


Jacket: Mainbocher / Jeans: Mossimo Supply Co. / T-Shirt: Rock♥Rose Classic /                Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction, here / Shoes: Badgley Mischka / Necklace: XXI /                       Bracelets and Rings: BC Factory / Sunnies: Southpole / Watch: Dedia, here


Oops, I did it again! Just couldn’t stay away from my home town, or the next best thing, New York New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas! I definitely feel at home walking around the makeshift concrete jungle recreated inside the Hotel.

Oh, not for any particular reason (and soooo not because I’m a vane blonde 🙂 ) lately, I’ve found my self obsessing with the blonde pin-up inspired Pop Art. I just can’t get enough of this fun, bold, graphic, retro comic book inspired novelty print! The playful Ben-Day dots, surrounded with iconic comic strip drama, create cool reto art, giving my outfit a modern edge vibe.

Here’s my take on a modern polished posh look on a Friday night with this lavishly printed t-shirt and my super cool leopard print Mossimo jeans, add nude Badgley Mischka sky-high pumps in to the mix, and I’m ready to hit the club in luxe style.

ny4 ny5 ny15ny8ny7ny12 ny14 ny13ny16ny18ny3

I just adore pop art, and its easy transition from soup cans, walls, sculptures and into todays fashionable belts, hand bags, shoes, and clothing. What is your take on PoP Art?



Saturday Man Candy: Suckers for ✞rue Blood


What could be better than a mix of a sexy Swede, tasty Italian, ripped Aussie, with a twist of saucy Brit? Yes, perfect spice combo for those long, hot and heavy summer nights … We’ll be damned if they don’t get our pulses racing.

Popcorn in lap, kleenex in hand (for all the droolworthy moments) … Our summer Sundays have just gotten hotter. It is no secret that we’ve been having fantasy love affairs with various HBO hunks. True Blood is a show we love to sink our teeth into … Season 6 has come ‘a knockin’, and we’re too eager to get our fix on 😜

With so many washboard abs and hard bodies, we couldn’t pick a favorite, but we can say that they are all ‘fangbangingly’ delish. Here are only a few (in no particular order) of the many reasons that keep our panties moist, and have us begging for more:

We’d love to munch on our favorite Italian, Joe Manganiello, as Abcide … ooops, meant to say Alcide! Finally a werewolf we can drool over without feeling like cradle robbers! Graaawl … keep loosing those pants, Joe!

tb8 tb9 tb11 tb10

Alexander Skarsgárd may be Sweden’s biggest export since IKEA or Swedish fish, and we are forever grateful for this very fine, 6’4 tall, lean speciman that has kept us captivated ever since he made his first TB appearance as a super charming and sexy Viking vampire Eric Northman.

tb14 tb12 tb15

Throw in a super saucy British export (with a southern accent) Stephen Moyer, playing an intelligent and compassionate vampire Bill Compton, and you’ve got the perfect ‘pantie loosing’ recipe.

tb19 tb20

What woman can resist a bad boy? The Austrailan hottie Ryan Kwanten, with his pristine muscular physique,  always  gets our blood pumping. Playing Sookie’s dim-witted brother, Jason Stackhouse, it is no wonder this sex addicted, studly simpleton (just how we like them, hihi) has every woman in Bon-Temps on speed dial. Please add us to your phone directory, Jason.

tb17 tb16 tb18

And let us not leave out Benedict “Eggs” Talley, played by model and actor Mehcad Brooks, who, with his super toned rock hard abs has left a lasting impression on all the TB fans … Thank you CK for those super hot ads. Keep ’em coming Mehcad.

tb1 tb2

Green eyed Danish beefcake Allan Hyde, who played vampire Godric, is another feast for the eyes that just couldn’t be left out of our droolworthy list. Can’t say much for his acting skills, because we were always too busy to concentrate on anything other than that image of him licking Eric’s neck. Yuuummm …

tb23 tb22

Our list of bad boys continues with another Aussie, Grant Bowler who portrayed Cooter, leader of biker werewolf gang, and Sam Trammell, playing a shapeshifter bar owner Sam Merlotte, who wears his heart on his sleeve .. yeah, and we also love his super tight jeans and sexy boots.


Two other characters who provided sexy and steamy scenery are Patrick Devins who played the strong silent type Scott Foley, and Christopher Meloni whose TB time was cut too short to show off his superb guns portraying a character named Roman.


Vampires have truly laid their stake as sex gods whom we wouldn’t kick out of bed, regardless of their vital signs (or lack thereof). How easy is it to get absorbed into the “Whom Will Sookie Choose” drama? Wish we had her dilemmas, hihihi 👅


Have you all heard the rumor that a major hottie will be killed off in the upcoming few weeks? Are you ready for heart break? You can read more about it here.

In the meantime, I think we all can agree that True Blood has hit the jack pot of the sexiest men on television. Whether vampires, werewolves, fairies, humans or shapeshifters, the TB’s small Louisiana sexed up town and its residents never fails to entertain with an intriguing blend of hot house Southern drama and backwoods supernatural droolworthiness. With hot and cold blooded hunks like these, and their liberal splash of nudity, we can’t help but keep coming back for more Sunday night action … (wishing they lived in our hood) … Popcorn anyone? Kleenex?



Did someone say Road Trip?!?

What could be better than a girls trip with your best friend? How about a girls trip to Sin City, Las Vegas? Cha-ching! Priceless! 

Every now and then (and never soon enough), us two, crazy, fun loving FreeUrCloset besties, get to embark on our own little adventures. We’ve been BFFL (Best Friends For Life) for over two decades, and have shared tons of road trip memories (the good, bad, funny and fugly, lol).


Like the time we went ‘cow tipping’, or the time ‘someone’ dared me to grab the Sheriff’s  crotch … #thegoodtimes


… the sexy butt dance, or the time ‘someone’ tried to take a nap in Minnie’s bed @ Disneyland 😉


lol … I don’t think I can explain this one …

This time, we treated ourselves to a looong overdue trip to one of our favorite places on Earth — Sin City.


Phoenix gridlock soon opened it’s way to beautiful desert landscapes.


First we encountered the all too familiar Joshua Tree Forest,


… and then, we found our selves surrounded by rubbles of boulders on both sides of Highway 93, looking eager to topple over and cause major road block. We were even able to capture the “Snoopy Rock” … if you don’t believe us, you can read more about it here !


Funny, we should mention that this must be a Snoopy (not to be confused with Snooki) capital because not too far from here, we’ve come across this sight:


Yes, Three Snoopy characters sitting on top of a rocket? No joke, here’s proof! We were also sad to see that our fellow New Yorker (from Queens) closed his pizza and rest stop at Nothing, AZ. We were really hoping he would turn it into ‘Something’, AZ …


Yup, Population of 4 (and some of those were dogs) …

The road went on and on mostly like this:



So we drove mostly like this:


Natasha and I went on and on, entertaining our selves (and oncoming traffic) mostly like this:


We past a Mariachi band, and a few odd little restaurants/gift shops, even a little place in Wikieup, AZ, that is famous for it’s “Rattle Snake Omelet”:

rt9 rt10

But when the topography changed to what resembled the Grand Canyon, we knew that our destination was less than an hour away!


Ah … decisions, decisions:


First the road took us over the Hoover Dam, via Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge  , however, we felt cheated (and had to make a pit stop, hihihi), so we did the touristy thing. And it is true, no matter how many times we’ve passed the Hoover Dam, it always feels like the first time, and leaves us in awe.

rt24 rt21 rt20 rt19 rt25

Of course, this being a fashion blog and all, I couldn’t disappoint you. While my partner in crime used the amenities, I coerced an unsuspecting onlooker (who wasn’t checking out the Dam, wink wink) and asked him for a few pictures.


(wrinkle free) Silk Dress: Vintage Havana / Satchel: Olivia + Joy, here /

Flip Flops: havaianas, here / Sunglasses: Maui Jim, here

rt30 rt29 rt26 rt31 rt27

Honey, we’re home!


See you next time, with a few fun outfit posts in ‘Fabulous‘ Las Vegas, NV!



DIY: When Life Hands You Lemons…

DIY Lemon Dress 8Let’s make a lemon dress!

I was shopping around for the perfect summer dress – a dress that is casual yet can be worn to a summer party or barbecue. I fell in love with Alice and Olivia’s lemon print dress pictured below, but the price was way too steep for my taste (400 buckaroos, ouch!). Inspired by Alice and Olivia’s design, I decided to do it myself and create a “Natasha lemon print dress knock-off” for a total cost of $50 (including fabric, needle, and thread)!

Alice Olivia Lemon Dress

Alice and Olivia Dress from mytheresa.com

Finding fabric for the dress was the tough part. The fruit prints most fabric stores carry are not really flattering material for a dress. I found my fabric from an online site called Spoonflower. Spoonflower is a great concept – you choose your design/print of choice from hundreds of unique designs, created by other people, and order it on the fabric of your choice. You can even make your own design and order the fabric.

Here is my lemon print fabric from Spoonflower and I used Simplicity pattern 1609 (for an A-line cut):

Lemon Dress

I won’t bore you with the sewing details, so I am showing you the finished dress!

DIY Lemon Dress 4 DIY Lemon Dress DIY Lemon Dress 6 DIY Lemon Dress 10 DIY Lemon Dress 3

What do you think of my lemony creation? Hit or miss?

A big thank you to all of you who liked and followed our FB & Twitter and entered our Jumpsuit Glam Giveaway.

And the winner is: Style Salvation! Congrats!



Saturday Man Candy: The Hottest Dads on the Planet

What’s Father’s Day without a dose of our man candy featuring the hunkiest dads around? Not only are these men smokin’ hot, they give new, lustful meaning to the words “men with babies turn me on” 😉

Whether doing it fully clothed or shirtless, these gorgeous men sure know how to parent in style! We promise that we kept this one PG rated, which was REALLY hard to do 🙄

Superhunk Thor, aka Chris Hemsworth, has mastered the skill of holding his baby girl while looking deliciously studly at the same time.

Chris Hemsworth

Handsome Twilight actor, Cam Gigandet, sure knows how to carry a baby with finesse. über sexy!

Cam Gigandet

Shirtless Orlando Bloom (hubby to beautiful Miranda Kerr) looking majorly hot while doting on his son.

Orlando BloomGame of Thrones and Conan actor, Jason Momoa, is certainly the “biggest” and sexiest dad around. On a side note, we can’t stop staring at Jason’s giant muscle(s), long luscious hair, mysteriously attractive face and dreaming of him as Kahl Drogo riding shirtless on his powerful horse…ahhh, but we digress.. 😉

Jason Momoa 1

Television host and actor,Mario Lopez, showcasing his extraordinary naked physique while taking his daughter for a stroller ride.

Mario Lopez

David Beckham. Need we say more? The hottest dad on the planet. And he produces some good-looking offspring!

David Beckham

The Magnificent David Gandy.
Okay, Okay…so David may not be a “baby daddy” just yet. But if it’s true that just one Gandy look can make you pregnant, then there must be millions of Gandy babies around the world! Right ladies? Ahhhh…Gandy baby fever 😉

David Gandy

Happy Father’s Day to all the super dads out there!

Happy Fathers Day


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