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Saturday Man Candy: Cowboys are The Best Boys

Even though we are native New Yorkers who prefer our men well-suited and dressed up to the nines, we gladly admire those rough ridin’, lasso swingin’, boot wearin’ and good lookin’ Arizona cowboys. And, if you must judge from our handsome cowboy photo collection, yes, we love them best when they’re shirtless and ripped! ๐Ÿ˜‰ […]

OOTD: Karma is a Bleeeeeep!

โ€œLike gravity, karma is so basic we often don’t even notice it.โ€ย โ€• Sakyong Mipham So there I was last Thursday, boasting about the warm and sunny climate here in Arizona. Serves me right to wake up to crappy weather this morning. Shouldโ€™ve known I had it coming. Karma is a bleep after all. A quick […]

OOTD: Horse Country

While most of the country is freezing over, fighting snow storms and below zero temperatures, Phoenix Arizona has set a heat record of 81 degrees today. After last weeks freezing spell, I was very happy to shed long clothes and put on a summer dress. After all, warm weather is a major reason my family […]

Saturday Man Candy — The Naked Cowboy

Being that we are native New Yorkers, this week’s featured Man Candy is non other than The Naked Cowboy whoโ€™s graced us with his presence (panties, song and personality too) around theย Times Square area since 1997. What is it about a man in boots and a cowboy hat that make women swoon? For centuries, women […]