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OOTD: Single White ♀

You might be surprised to learn that your FreeUrCloset blogger gals often get inspired by pictures of our favorite Hollywood style icons. Yes, we do have a style that is all our own, as with age comes wisdom and confidence, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t admire and want to emulate others. With that […]

OOTD: Talk Nerdy to Me

Most of you won’t remember the days when Buddy Holly ruled the charts, but you might recall his trademark thick framed nerdy glasses. When I think of the “nerdy look”, Buddy Holly, or Steve Urkel fit the bill perfectly. I’ve always thought That’ll Be The Day when those glasses make a come back, however Hollywood […]

In the Closet

Happy New Year and Happy Thursday everyone! In lieu of the New Year, I thought I’d write about my secretly wishful resolution (if one can call it that). A girl can dream, can’t she … *sigh* I used to think that you’d have to be a famous Hollywood (or New Jersey) Housewife to own a […]