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OOTD: Doggie Style

Haha, still laughing over the title, but I just couldnโ€™t help myself (wink wink). This post is inspired by the littlest guy in my life — my 10 year old toy chihuahua named Rambo, after my husband’s favorite movie (rolling eyes). Rambo has a nickname, he melts and does a special dance for me when […]

OOTD: In My Daughter’s Closet >=)

Woke up in the morning, stood barefoot before my closet for a long time, shaking my head in a terrifying realization … gasp … I had nothing to wear! So, very discreetly, I tipi toe down the hall, to my teenage daughterโ€™s bedroom, and I promise I never do this, innocently peek at her closet, […]