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Saturday Man Candy: Summer Hunks in Swim Trunks

Nothing says summer quite like lazy beach days, catching sun rays, listening to a great summer tune and, of course, ogling male models in skimpy swimwear 😉 What better way to cool off from a summer heat wave than poring over shots of hot guys wearing nothing but their tight little trunks on the beach? […]

Saturday Man Candy: 👊 Knock out Bo Roberts

What is thick, hard and sexy all over? Meet our Man Candy of this week — Cocky Cage Fighter, aspiring Actor, hot Male Model and a Fitness/Martial arts guru, Bo Roberts. Would you be surprised if we tell you that Bo was “discovered” by a photographer during one of his cage fights? Bo’s career might […]

Saturday Man Candy: Kissing Kloss

Speechless. Tongue-tied. Breathless. Hot and bothered. Thirsty. Hungry. Lustful. Orgasmic. Horny! This is what staring at Josh Kloss’ photo for too long does to us. Drool towel, anyone? Feast your eyes on our 6’2 WET DREAM of a man, Mr. Joshua Kloss! Sometimes you don’t need to see the entire goods to get all hot and bothered, not that we would […]

6 Thousand (and counting) Times Thank You Mr. David Gandy!

6 Thousand (and counting) Times Thank You Mr. David Gandy!

We know we owe you thousands of adorable babies, (feel free to collect at any time ;)) but on a lighter note, for someone who is trying to make a difference in this world (drawing from your vast charity and app contributions), Mr. Gandy, you must know that you have forever changed our little blog. […]

Saturday Man Candy: The Fine & Dandy, Mr. David Gandy

Have you ever seen a man who makes you pregnant just by looking at him? Well, ladies (and gents) meet the father of our beautiful dream babies — The Magnificent David James Gandy! Not only is this bronzed, sexy man-god our fantasy Adonis, but he’s also a famous male model(actually, he’s the super model of […]

Saturday Man Candy: Sizzling Hunk in a Diet Coke Can

“What David Beckham is to H&M, Andrew Cooper is to Diet Coke”. — HuffingtonPost As promised, we return with an exciting and deliciously sexy Saturday Man Candy. So ladies, get your tissue box ready and say hello to the new face of Diet Coke, the smoldering Andrew Cooper. In the past, Cooper may have modeled for Polo, […]