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Saturday Man Candy: Bad Boy of Ballroom to the Maks!

Is it just us, or does every woman dream of being “handled” by a passionate man who’d pin her against the wall, whisper sexy words in her ear, rip off her panties (preferably with his teeth, hehe) and make wild love to her right then and there? Forget fancy footwork and feast your eyes on […]

6 Thousand (and counting) Times Thank You Mr. David Gandy!

6 Thousand (and counting) Times Thank You Mr. David Gandy!

We know we owe you thousands of adorable babies, (feel free to collect at any time ;)) but on a lighter note, for someone who is trying to make a difference in this world (drawing from your vast charity and app contributions), Mr. Gandy, you must know that you have forever changed our little blog. […]

Saturday Man Candy: The Dapper Dresser

This week’s man candy is dedicated to a guy after our own heart – a fashion blogger! We love a man with effortless style and elegance (not to mention a sexy bod to boot) and Adam Gallagher is the perfect embodiment of both. Quoted from a blogger bio site: “Adam Gallagher is a 20-something year old free spirited Libra […]

Saturday Man Candy: Do you need your windows cleaned?

Even though we’re not much of soda drinkers, lately, we seem to be Diet Coke addicts, haha that is to say that we’re addicted to the steamy Diet Coke ads featuring shirtless hunks like gorgeous Robert Merrill. This handsome multitalented stud with a law degree, can also be credited with a career in pro-baseball, international […]

Saturday Man Candy: Lucky Vanous, The Original Diet Coke Stud

A hot construction worker providing some breaktime viewing pleasure to the working ladies, drinking his ice cold refreshment in the only way he knows how – shirtless! C’monnn ladies…does it get any better than this??!! Meet Lucky Vanous (no, really, that is his genuine name), whose steamy 1994 coke commercial still makes us want to […]

Saturday Man Candy: Sizzling Hunk in a Diet Coke Can

“What David Beckham is to H&M, Andrew Cooper is to Diet Coke”. — HuffingtonPost As promised, we return with an exciting and deliciously sexy Saturday Man Candy. So ladies, get your tissue box ready and say hello to the new face of Diet Coke, the smoldering Andrew Cooper. In the past, Cooper may have modeled for Polo, […]

Man Candy: ♥♡♥ Boxers or Briefs? ♡♥♡

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with some eye candy this year! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we just couldn’t resist doing a feature on men’s Valentine’s fashion 😉 … For ages now, men have been buying women flowers, chocolates, and, of course, sexy lingerie. What do we buy them? Cologne, a new Wallet, a Watch, Cigars, […]

Saturday Man Candy: Justin Timberlake in Suit & Tie

Even though we’d rather have him naked than in a Suit & Tie, we’re excited to announce Justin Timberlake as our Man Candy for this Saturday! Natasha and I have always been big JT fans (since his NSYNC days). We appreciate multitalented men! Justin is a 6 time Grammy winner, hit making producer, actor, singer, […]

Saturday Man Candy – Hungry for Hunger Games Hunk

This week’s Man Candy is — Liam Hemsworth! This Australian Hunger Games hunk is a total dream-come-true. Is he tall? Check (Liam’s 6’3). Dramatic? Ding-ding!  Blue eyed? Yes!  Sexy? Very. Perfect Man Candy specimen 😉 What’s not to like about Liam?  He is pretty self-explanatory! Hungry anyone? Whether dressed up or dressed down, this Australian […]

Saturday Man Candy — Mr Stud Muffin

Okay ladies, so how many of you are guilty of befriending a guy on Facebook just because he is a hottie? Both Natasha and I are raising our hands up high … really, really high 😉 Sometimes we can be a bit naughty, but pssst, it’s all for a good cause. This week’s Man Candy […]

Saturday Man Candy

This weekend’s man candy edition is dedicated to your non-celebrity, everyday man. Meet my husband, aka Steve Lengua.  Okay ladies and gents, he may not be the most fashionable man that I know in the GQ sense of the word.  Steve’s idea of clothes shopping involves buying one t-shirt at Target in every possible color. However, […]