Saturday Man Candy: Wickedly Handsome Eric Winter

Eric Winter 4

Eric Winter has been our fantasy lover boy ever since his debut as young hunk Rex Brady on the soap, Days of Our Lives. And every lady knows the yummiest men on television can typically be found on daytime soaps.

Eric Winter 15

Imagine our wild excitement when we found out our perfect man has a new role on the Lifetime show, Witches of East End. Forget about ogling “tight-ends” during Sunday night football, we’d rather catch glimpses of Eric taking his shirt off any day of the week 😉

With his hot lips, lickable abs and bewitching smile, Mr. Winter can keep us warm (under the sheets) any season of the year. We are pretty sure Eric’s wife, stunning Roselyn Sanchez, wouldn’t mind if we borrow her handsome hubby for a night or two, right ladies?
Ahhhh…okay…wishful thinking.

Eric Winter 2 Eric Winter 5 Eric Winter 3 Eric Winter 9

Our California-native dreamboat has had recurring roles on some of our
favorite TV shows including Brothers & Sisters and The Mentalist. Eric also starred in a great little chick flick called Sundays at Tiffany’s as Alyssa Milano’s love interest and hunky beefcake Colin opposite Katherine Heigl in The Ugly Truth.

Eric Winter 12

Eric is currently playing the role of Dash Gardiner in Lifetime’s Witches of East End. Dash is described as “smart, sexy and athletic – a wealthy playboy and newly engaged to Freya Beauchamp. He is a successful doctor, multi-millionaire philanthropist and a prince
charming in Freya’s eyes“. The perfect role for our bewitchingly handsome lover boy 😉

Eric Winter Witches of East End Eric Winter Witches of East End 2

Wishing you all pleasant dreams with a little bit of Eric to make them wicked.


19 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: Wickedly Handsome Eric Winter

  1. Ha! I love that video. He looks great!

  2. L’ha ribloggato su ERICWINTERFANS – The Official Fansitee ha commentato:
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  3. He has such an amazing body. I can’t stop looking,

  4. Oh La La, why are Californian boys so hot ? Have a wicked weekend ! XOXO

  5. Since I am married, he is all yours! 😉 haha!

  6. The show is really great, and he is well perfect as Dash. He reminds me of Chad Michael Murray somehow :=)

  7. Beautiful post, I wait for your info when you have time (for the dress), hope you received my last e-mail 🙂 the other girls did!!! Happy Sunday 🙂

  8. He can strip and keep me warm any day. He’s very handsome particularly on that 6th picture.

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