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Santa Baby…

In case you are making a list, here are a few pretty things I need in my “fashionable” life.  This Christmas, I am wishing in shades of blue. What color are you wishing for? 1. LC Lauren Conrad Heart Sweater 2. Vintage Styled Flower Ring 3. Stella and Dot Scarf 4. Society6 – Karen Cox […]

Say “Yes” to the Belt!

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend.  While my puppy often decorates my lap, my loyalty lies with a different accessory.  Whether you’re a dog or a cat lover, I know you’ll agree with me on this.  What is the one accessory that has the power to change your appearance from informal […]

My (mini) Personal Stylist

Olivia, my almost 4 year old daughter going on 14, has a mind of her own when it comes to her clothes.  If she doesn’t like an outfit I buy or pick for her, she just won’t wear it.  I always try and take her along when I shop for her clothes so she can […]

Black Friday at Midnight

Last night I took a trip to Scottsdale Fashion Square for the midnight madness sale. This is something I promised myself I would never do – succumb to the mass shopping mentality of Black Friday. My mom, an addict to any sale, wanted to check out the Macy’s deals, so I thought “What the heck..I […]

Originally posted on Too Much Fancy:
Came across this Vliger & Vandam tote today. I just dont know what to do with myself. Its too good to be true. I think I need it. I think I really really do. *Adds to xmas lis*

Chanel Goes with Everything I Wear

While channel surfing during commercials, I ran across Doomsday Preppers, an odd show about families who, in fear of a national catastrophe, are well prepared by organizing food supply, shelters, and having planned evacuation routes. Yeah, I know exactly what you’re thinking … cough. However, as I watched an interview of a young woman by […]

Passion for Fashion

Fashion inspiration can be found just about anywhere, from the busy streets we walk on, to the art we come across. Everyone who knows me, knows about my love of fashion as well as my constant need for adventure. My recent travels took me to some of the most amazing places, such as Milan, Paris […]

Put Your Best Tights Forward

Leggings in every color and print are my kryptonite.  If I could wear leggings every day I would – and I actually do, for the most part.  As a mom of two little ones, it is essential for my daily outfit to be comfortable and fashionable at the same time.  Thanks to street fashion sites […]

My no stop imagination

Originally posted on I love green inspiration:
Nostalgic white feathers that lie down on a majestic staircase. Like snowflakes just mentioned. The retro atmosphere of a double height living room, in a New York City loft. A glimpse of Tokyo. Not a generic corner. One of those that from the hustle bustle of the city…

Closet Talk

My all-time favorite quote

Stack It!

It’s been said “All women are created equal, then they accessorize!” My personal preference in pulling off any outfit is accessorizing the wrist. Thanks to the concept of stacking, I have managed to pull off some affordable looks.

From an Ebayer to an “Appoholic”

  As an Ebay veteran, I can tell you all about the convenience of budget shopping from your own home. For me it meant FREEEEDOMM!! Leaving the curlers in my hair, hanging out in my pjs — in my bed, while browsing pages and pages of great deals. Of course, there were frustrating times too, as […]

Reinventing My Closet

Organization is a dreadful word in my household.  I have two little ones and, as every mom knows, trying to clean and organize a home with young kids is virtually impossible.  I am obsessed with keeping order, so for me it is a struggle to let things “get messy”.  In order to satisfy my need […]