OOTD: Babe in Toyland πŸš™πŸš—πŸš²βœˆβœˆπŸš

When opportunity knocks, you just got to go with the flow.

vroom vroom

So, there it was, OPPORTUNITY knocking during a lunch date with my little minions at Phoenix Deer Valley Airport in AZ.


I found my eyes feasting on all things fast and furious, and though I wasn’t planning on doing a post, the ferrocious female inside me caved, and gave in to the beast. After all, who could refuse all things loud, fast and vibrating? Not this silly blonde 😝

20130929_175444 20130929_175606

As the saying goes “Grab the Bull by the Horns” or in my case “Pinch its Ass“,


or you could just “Slap it hard“, haha! (psst, no one tell the owner, please).


20130929_180635 20130929_180007

That’s how I roll — dressed in my BCBGΒ faux leather tights,Β hereΒ /Β top by c.oliverΒ /Β nicole biker boots, similarΒ hereΒ / quilted handbag by Kate Spade,Β here, this girl is always ready to hop on for a ride! Race ‘ya!

20130929_180119 20130929_180139 20130929_18015720130929_180031

20130929_180703 20130929_182018

The world is my playground!

… I think I hear a train passing by! GTG! Till next time, loveleys.



Saturday Man Candy: Wickedly Handsome Eric Winter

Eric Winter 4

Eric Winter has been our fantasy lover boy ever since his debut as young hunk Rex BradyΒ on the soap, Days of Our Lives. And every lady knows the yummiest men on television can typically be found on daytime soaps.

Eric Winter 15

Imagine ourΒ wild excitement when we found out our perfect man has a new role on the Lifetime show, Witches of East End. Forget about ogling “tight-ends” during Sunday night football, we’d rather catch glimpses of Eric taking his shirt off any day of the week πŸ˜‰

With his hot lips, lickableΒ abs and bewitching smile, Mr. Winter can keep us warm (under the sheets) any season of the year. We are pretty sure Eric’s wife, stunning Roselyn Sanchez, wouldn’t mind if we borrow her handsome hubby for a night or two, right ladies?
Ahhhh…okay…wishful thinking.

Eric Winter 2 Eric Winter 5 Eric Winter 3 Eric Winter 9

Our California-nativeΒ dreamboat has had recurring roles on some of our
favorite TV shows including Brothers & Sisters and The Mentalist.Β Eric also starred in a great little chick flick called Sundays at Tiffany’sΒ as Alyssa Milano’s love interest and hunky beefcake Colin opposite Katherine Heigl in The Ugly Truth.

Eric Winter 12

Eric is currently playing the role of Dash GardinerΒ in Lifetime’s Witches of East End. Dash is described as “smart, sexy and athletic – a wealthy playboy and newly engaged to Freya Beauchamp. He is a successful doctor, multi-millionaire philanthropist and a prince
charming in Freya’s eyes“. The perfect role for our bewitchingly handsome lover boy πŸ˜‰

Eric Winter Witches of East End Eric Winter Witches of East End 2

Wishing you all pleasant dreams with a little bit of Eric to make them wicked.



OOTD: On the Catwalk πŸ…πŸ†πŸΎ


Happy Wednesday my fabulous fellow fashionistas. Some of you might remember purrific Mr. Pretty Kitty, (aka Rambo) from my previous posts, (hereΒ andΒ here), who thrilled me when he accepted my invitation to guest blog with me once again, as we tap into our inner felines, or in Rambo’s case ‘fe-lions’, and show off our latest Fall obsession: Jungle Cat prints.

Though we’ve blogged about this trend in the past, (OOTD: A Leopard Skirt), certain run-ins over the past couple of days have inspired me/us to revisit these ferociously sexy prints that have been around for so long that they should really be considered more of a rule and less of a trend.


This fabulous cat ensemble practically growled at me upon entering my TJ Maxx store.
Walmart’s purring Christmas ornament collection definitely hits the ‘spot’.

There are a lot of different rules about styling your cat prints, however, Mr. Pretty Kitty and I are big believers that in fashion, as in life, rules are made to be broken, so don’t be afraid to claw your way through your closet to your ferocious animal prints and have fun with your purring wardrobe!

Yes, my darlings, get your cat on this season, as you all know that animal prints are a fashionista’s best friend and add sizzle, glamour and feline sexiness to any ensemble. Here’s how fashionable Mr. Pretty Kitty and I strutted our stuff on the catwalk πŸ˜‰

best3 20130928_161841 20130928_161950 20130928_16203720130928_162011 20130928_16210520130928_162204(0)20130928_162215 20130928_162316_2Β 20130928_16253920130928_162558 best5Β 20130928_162525Β 20130928_162759 20130928_16260920130928_162231

Anyone else experiencing jungle fever? Β πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ό

5EE0A436B4BB51E0534F2F859EEB5B2Fand Mr. Pretty Kitty Β 


Best of Phoenix Fashion Week 2013

From shirtless men strutting their stuff down the runway to gorgeous couture dresses by project runway’s BradonΒ Mcdonald, the 9th annual Phoenix Fashion WeekΒ showcased unique fashions for every taste palette. Below is a quick rundown of our top picks from fashion week.

The Scene:

Phoenix Fashion Week 17 Phoenix Fashion Week 10 Phoenix Fashion Week 7

What we wore:
Phoenix Fashion Week OOTD 5

Phoenix Fashion Week 15

Phoenix Fashion Week OOTD 3

Best Theme Inspired CollectionFashion by Robert Black

Phoenix Fashion Week Robert Black 2

Source: phoenixnewtimes.com

Phoenix Fashion Week Robert Black

Best Menswear Collection (with serious swag)Gents

Phoenix Fashion Week Gents 2

Source: phoenixnewtimes.com

Phoenix Fashion Week Gents

Best Swimwear CollectionDolcessa

Phoenix Fashion Week Dolcessa Swimwear

Source: valleyhype.com (Photos by Ben Garcia)

Best Emerging Designer CollectionStephanie Gentry by Thunderlily

Phoenix Fashion Week Thunderlily

Source: phoenixnewtimes.com

Best Vintage Couture Inspired Dresses and HatsDoux Belle

Phoenix Fashion Week Doux Belle

Source: phoenixnewtimes.com

Overall Best Women’s DesignerBri Seeley

Phoenix Fashion Week Bri Seeley 2

Source: phoenixnewtimes.com

We hope you have enjoyed our photos dear followers. See you next year Phoenix Fashion Week!



FreeUrCloset @ Phoenix Fashion Week

Phoenix Fashion Week 2

Phoenix Fashion WeekΒ is here and we are thrilled to be a part of the event. This will be our first time – yes, we are fashion week virgins! Yesterday we attended the media breakfast at Talking Stick Resort and picked up our blogger passes for the upcoming runway shows, Oct 3-5. We met some of the extremely talented designers and our fellow fashion bloggers from Phoenix (fabulous and stylish Amy, from Amy’s Vintage Closet, is picturedΒ with usΒ in a fierce leopard ensemble).

Here are some of the photos we managed to snap of the event and (yes) they’re mainly pics of us showing off what we wore to the first day of PHXFW πŸ˜‰ We will be posting photos on ourΒ Instagram andΒ Twitter during the shows.

Phoenix Fashion Week 3 Phoenix Fashion Week 4 Phoenix Fashion Week 6 Phoenix Fashion Week 5 Phoenix Fashion Week 7 Phoenix Fashion Week 13 Phoenix Fashion Week 14 Phoenix Fashion Week 15 Phoenix Fashion Week 16 Phoenix Fashion Week 11 Phoenix Fashion Week 9 Phoenix Fashion Week 8 Phoenix Fashion Week 12



Workweek Chic: A Pencil Skirt and a Leather Jacket

Pencil Skirt Floral Bouse 2

Hello my fab fellow fashionistas! Here is a little office chic attire to get your work week started.

My black BCBGΒ pencil skirt was my favorite go-to piece when I used to work a 9-to-5 job. Even now, when I attend business events and conferences, I rely on my good ‘ole black skirt and mix it up by wearing it with patterned blouses, blazers and leather jackets.

For my upcoming event, I decided to give my skirt a littleΒ do-it-yourself “sexy back”Β  by adding a visible gold zipper and a slit:

Pencil Skirt Zipper Diy

I pairedΒ my new and improved skirtΒ with a floral top and a textured leather jacket in order to add some funkiness to the outfit (because, sometimes, you just need to bring the sexy to your work clothes ;)):

Skirt: BCBG (similar here)Β Β  Floral Top: Zara hereΒ Β  Leather Jacket: VintageΒ  Heels: BCBG

Workweek Chic Pencil Skirt Leather Jacket Workweek Chic Pencil Skirt Leather Jacket 2 Pencil Skirt Floral Blouse Pencil Skirt 2 Pencil Skirt Floral Blouse 3 Pencil Skirt Floral Blouse 4 Pencil Skirt 3

What sort of outfit makes your workweek “chic”?



Saturday Man Candy: A Good Looking Man in Every Room

Hmmm … life is full of tough choices. We like revolutionary Renuzit‘s way of thinking … “No need to settle on just one … Why not choose them all?” We do! 😜


Meet CRÈM BRΓ›LΓ‰E JEAN PIERRE, a New Orleans Hometown hottie whose favorite hobby is “Driving fast cars with a beautiful woman by my side.”, and who describes himself with one word: “Indulgent”. One thing Jean Pierre cannot live without is “A girl with a sense of adventure“,

to which we say:

Jean Pierre, meet two real women who would like to indulge you πŸ˜‰ and teach you a few tricks along the way …



Meet FRESH LAVENDER LUKE who comes from Saint Martin de Castillon, thinks of Paris as the ‘sexiest city‘, describes a best concert as “The one I’ll play for you” and promises us “so many unforgettable nights” …

Oh Luke,

you can come and play with us any time …



Meet APPLE AND CINNAMON ADAM, our Big Apple hottie, whose favorite movie is “French Kiss”, describes himself as “Spicy“, considers his dimples to be his best feature, and dreams of finding the girl of his dreams.

These girls can’t say no to those spicy apples!



Meet HAWAIIAN OASIS HEATH, who hails from Maui, loves his tan, sand between his toes, and thinks that everyone needs to “Learn to hula. I can teach you“.

Heat’s slogan is “Life’s too short to choose just one” and that is exactly how we feel

(a man after our own heart) πŸ˜‰



Meet AFTER THE RAIN RYAN, currently visiting my bedroom all the way from Seattle, who admits that his best feature are his eyes … adding “But everyone seems to stare everywhere but there“.

Ryan wishes he could trade places with Poseidon, which has us wishing he would pierce us with his large staff πŸ”±

Seattle, eat your heart out πŸ˜‰



Meet PURELY PEACH PARKER, a Savannah hottie who describes himself as “Luscious“. Given the choice of having a superpower, Ryan would choose “Flying. Then I could literally sweep you off your feet” … ahhhhhh .. Ryan also loves drinking Sweet Tea and describes his best feature as “My southern charm” <gushing ..

In the commercial, Parker spills some peaches out of his basket, but we forgive him because he sweeps us off our feet.



Meet RASPBERRY RICHARD, a Boston native who dreams of “A moonlit walk by the Charles River“, and describes himself as “Sweet”. The one thing Richard will never give up is “Making your dreams come true.”

Where have you been hiding? Raspberries are quickly becoming our favorite fruit.



Meet LIMONCELLO SORBET LORENZO, a sexy Capri concoction, who loves to “skip dinner and go straight to dessert”, is a big fan of yoga pants, and is looking for someone to be the lime to his lemon …

Lorenzo sure has us panting … dreaming of squeezing his lemon, let the juice go down his leg … grrrrrrr


There’s plenty of Good Looking Men for our every room, and plenty of appreciative fans, just check out their ‘scent gent bios’ on their facebook page: Renuzit, where you can also ‘vote’ for your favorite stud muffin, (If you can pick just one).😝

Even our own Queen of Red Carpet, Joan Rivers, has trouble choosing just one! She’s the new spokeswoman for the “Renuzit Rendezvous Vacation” where you can enter to win a rendezvous for you and your three friends, just by choosing a hometown of one of our hotties. Here’s where to enter:


“Perfect Vacation”, indeed … wonder if the hunks are included?

Hmmmm … Life is full of tough choices … which one would you choose? Do tell …

“Hot guys, arousing aromas, exotic getaways. This sounds like a good kind of trouble”

and Joan, we couldn’t agree with you more … rubbing our little greedy hands togetherWe’ll take ’em all … To Go 😍

Wishing you a ‘good looking man in every room’ kind of weekend 😘😘


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