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DIY: Cutoff Shorts with Flair!

Who wears short shorts? Here in the Arizona desert, we are approaching triple digit weather so I sure do! Recycle and reuse your old jeans by creating a pair of much needed shorts for the summer. The DIY which I show below is a very easy way to make yourself a new pair of funky shorts […]

Saturday Man Candy: 👊 Knock out Bo Roberts

What is thick, hard and sexy all over? Meet our Man Candy of this week — Cocky Cage Fighter, aspiring Actor, hot Male Model and a Fitness/Martial arts guru, Bo Roberts. Would you be surprised if we tell you that Bo was “discovered” by a photographer during one of his cage fights? Bo’s career might […]

Weekend Getaway: Sedona, AZ 🌵(Part 4 of 4)

Weekend Getaway: Sedona, AZ 🌵(Part 4 of 4)

Of course, I’ve saved the best for last! Inspirational is exactly the word that comes to mind when I think of the little village called Tlaquepaque located in the heart of Sedona. Traditionally modeled after an authentic Mexican village, It’s literal meaning is “best of everything”. Tlaquepaque is truly a place filled with marvelous fountains, […]

Saturday Man Candy: Kissing Kloss

Speechless. Tongue-tied. Breathless. Hot and bothered. Thirsty. Hungry. Lustful. Orgasmic. Horny! This is what staring at Josh Kloss’ photo for too long does to us. Drool towel, anyone? Feast your eyes on our 6’2 WET DREAM of a man, Mr. Joshua Kloss! Sometimes you don’t need to see the entire goods to get all hot and bothered, not that we would […]

OOTD: A Fashion Essential

I found the perfect black maxi skirt while shopping at H&M and it was love at first sight. There really isn’t much that I can’t pair with this long length number! I’ve practically been wearing it every other day (don’t fret..I do wash it often ;)) Like your favorite pair of jeans, a black maxi […]

Saturday Man Candy: Bad Boy of Ballroom to the Maks!

Is it just us, or does every woman dream of being “handled” by a passionate man who’d pin her against the wall, whisper sexy words in her ear, rip off her panties (preferably with his teeth, hehe) and make wild love to her right then and there? Forget fancy footwork and feast your eyes on […]

Weekend Getaway: Sedona, AZ 🌵(Part 3 of 4)

Weekend Getaway: Sedona, AZ 🌵(Part 3 of 4)

Situated between two peaks of red sandstone, Chapel of the Holy Cross is a busy tourist attraction. Though it looks intimidating, an easy paved trail takes us on a journey to spectacular views. One hasn’t seen Sedona until you’ve seen this magnificent church nestled within the natural red Sedona rock. While the Chapel is a […]