Spring Fling (Part One of Three)


“Sweet springtime is my time is your time is our time for springtime is love time and viva sweet love.” e.e. Cummings

Spring is our season. It’s a time of renewal for nature and for us. Spring is the ideal time to fall in love or to refresh the soul. It’s also a great time to reawaken our wardrobe with vibrant color inspired by nature in bloom.

In my “Spring Fling” series, I will be posting outfits inspired by my three favorite looks for Spring. My first outfit was inspired by florals! I love the floral skinnies that are in style at the moment, and I thought I would liven things up by adding some vibrant yellow into the mix and a pair of rich-colored pumps with a metallic heel.

Welcome Spring with flowers! xoxo

Top: The Clothing Co. / Pants: Jessica Simpson, here / Shoes: Jessica Simpson / Jewelry: Charming Charlie / Handbag: Betsey Johnson







50 comments on “Spring Fling (Part One of Three)

  1. Very sessy. I like the yellow!
    ~ Maya ~

  2. Your top has BOWS !! and I love your plum pumps ❤

  3. amazing mix & match!

    love, Gongy

  4. I love the detailing on the back of your top.
    Also props for the mixing prints – I feel like it’s a hard thing to do but you pulled it off really nicely. Nice flower props too 😉
    xx Karen

  5. I like the ribbon detail at the back of the top 🙂

  6. I’m dying over the bows on your top! Love the entire look…I think that matching prints is a fun trend this season!

  7. Absolutely loving this outfit!!!

  8. So pretty…digging the mix of floral & stripes and you color coordinated them fabulously!

  9. I love these colors, and I want your trousers! ♥
    Mina from the blog The Style Fever.
    Click here to follow my blog and let me know if you do it, we could follow each other 😉

  10. That is such a beautiful bow shirt. Love the combination and the shoes.

  11. I love the colors! So fresh & happy outfit! xxx

  12. Beautiful. Love how you combined the different prints together. Now we just need the Spring ❤



  13. Obsessed with this outfit – especially the pants!! You styled this so perfectly. Yay for spring!

  14. The yellow top is awesome and I like the collar of your shoes !

  15. Thanks for liking my post on http://www.lolalovestowrite.com/ about the media week with the fashion blogger and magazine editor advice. I love the yellow and purple colours mixed together in this post. Great look!

  16. Love this top, it is the cutest thing ever.


  17. You look gorgeous and the photos are great – the background, the flowers… together with the model it all speaks of professionalism.

  18. Love the top.. so cute

  19. Gorgeous! I love the floral pants and the yellow striped top. The bows in the back are SO cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  20. Love this! So creative and cute! xoxo

  21. what a gorgeous top, and I love how you mixed the prints and colors!!

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