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OOTD: Talk Nerdy to Me

Most of you won’t remember the days when Buddy Holly ruled the charts, but you might recall his trademark thick framed nerdy glasses. When I think of the “nerdy look”, Buddy Holly, or Steve Urkel fit the bill perfectly. I’ve always thought That’ll Be The Day when those glasses make a come back, however Hollywood […]

OOTD: Karma is a Bleeeeeep!

“Like gravity, karma is so basic we often don’t even notice it.” ― Sakyong Mipham So there I was last Thursday, boasting about the warm and sunny climate here in Arizona. Serves me right to wake up to crappy weather this morning. Should’ve known I had it coming. Karma is a bleep after all. A quick […]

Saturday Man Candy: Justin Timberlake in Suit & Tie

Even though we’d rather have him naked than in a Suit & Tie, we’re excited to announce Justin Timberlake as our Man Candy for this Saturday! Natasha and I have always been big JT fans (since his NSYNC days). We appreciate multitalented men! Justin is a 6 time Grammy winner, hit making producer, actor, singer, […]

OOTD: Horse Country

While most of the country is freezing over, fighting snow storms and below zero temperatures, Phoenix Arizona has set a heat record of 81 degrees today. After last weeks freezing spell, I was very happy to shed long clothes and put on a summer dress. After all, warm weather is a major reason my family […]

OOTD: Love Pink

It’s been freezing in the Arizona desert for the last two weeks and I am so glad that we are finally back to warm, spring-like weather. I thought I was ready to move back to New York and enjoy the cold winters, but after dealing with our AZ cold spell, I am not so sure. […]

Saturday Man Candy – Hungry for Hunger Games Hunk

This week’s Man Candy is — Liam Hemsworth! This Australian Hunger Games hunk is a total dream-come-true. Is he tall? Check (Liam’s 6’3). Dramatic? Ding-ding!  Blue eyed? Yes!  Sexy? Very. Perfect Man Candy specimen 😉 What’s not to like about Liam?  He is pretty self-explanatory! Hungry anyone? Whether dressed up or dressed down, this Australian […]

Targeting the Flue with Prabal Gurung

Inspired by the nightly news, my poor aching head, red nose, and used Kleenex tissues, sprawled across my bed, I’ve decided that the new trend for this season (in my bedroom, neighborhood, city and state) is the flue. Isn’t citrus a perfect cure for the flue? Well, you better watch out Mr. Flue, you obviously […]

OOTD: Stripes and Polka Dots

Happy Monday Fabulostas!  Although Mondays are often dreaded, they don’t have to be boring. I needed something loud to seduce myself back into work mode, and came across these fun Kardashian Kollection shoes I’ve stashed in the back of my closet. Lucky me. I taught it would be fun to pair these shoes with something […]

Saturday Man Candy — The Naked Cowboy

Being that we are native New Yorkers, this week’s featured Man Candy is non other than The Naked Cowboy who’s graced us with his presence (panties, song and personality too) around the Times Square area since 1997. What is it about a man in boots and a cowboy hat that make women swoon? For centuries, women […]

Keep Calm and Work Out

I love finding fashionably fun tops and bottoms to exercise in, since most workout clothes look pretty much the same..boring. person10 is an etsy shop I discovered which sells the cutest and, best of all, eco-friendly tank tops. The workout tops come in different colors and you can choose from several motivational sayings – which is […]

What Type of Wine Are You?

One of our favorite TV shows is Cougar Town.  The new season is starting this Tuesday and we happened to see this cool advertisement on Cougar Town’s Facebook page: Whether it comes with some food or simply on it’s own, wine is the perfect ending to any kind of day, especially a shitty one. We […]

Saturday Man Candy — Mr Stud Muffin

Okay ladies, so how many of you are guilty of befriending a guy on Facebook just because he is a hottie? Both Natasha and I are raising our hands up high … really, really high 😉 Sometimes we can be a bit naughty, but pssst, it’s all for a good cause. This week’s Man Candy […]

In the Closet

Happy New Year and Happy Thursday everyone! In lieu of the New Year, I thought I’d write about my secretly wishful resolution (if one can call it that). A girl can dream, can’t she … *sigh* I used to think that you’d have to be a famous Hollywood (or New Jersey) Housewife to own a […]