Dress Like a Lady

My grandma always gave great fashion advice. After all, she grew up in Europe at a time when women really dressed elegantly. The one piece of advice that stuck with me was to always dress like a lady no matter what the occasion.

A few days ago, I was skimming through Atlantic-Pacific’s blog and came across the outfit pictured below. My grandmother’s fashion advice instantly came into mind. The bow detail, the dress, the accessories – Blair’s outfit was the definition of “lady-like”.

Atlantic Pacific

source: atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com

I was inspired to recreate Blair’s fab look by adding my own twist to the outfit. I chose a full-skirt Tory Burch dress for a more feminine touch, a bow belt (DIY), a leather clutch, some gold bling, and a pair of studded sandals.

Dress: Tory Burch, consigned from My Sister’s ClosetΒ / Bow belt: DIY / Clutch: Sondra Roberts NY, thrifted / Sandals: Vince Camuto / Bling: Charming Charlie

Lady Dress 6 Lady Dress 4 Lady Dress 5 Lady Dress 3 Lady Dress 2 Lady Dress

Of course, a lady-like look can also be achieved with a tailored skirt or a great pair of fitted trousers or jeans. What is your favorite clothing article or accessory which makes you feel “Like a Lady“? Do share!


45 comments on “Dress Like a Lady

  1. I love Blair so freaking much. Her and her wardrobe are simply flawless.
    I love how you implemented her style but put your own colourful printed twist in it as well. Great job.
    xx Karen

  2. Fierce, lady-like. I love it!

  3. Amazing outfits, if you have to choose between the two you just wouldn’t know which one. They are both so lovely!

  4. love the colors! The dress is super nice!
    Stylish from head to toe again girl! xxx

  5. Definetly looking like a lady!

  6. I’m totally into the lady-like looks set up for spring this year. Full dresses, ruffles, and pumps – I’m sold! You look so sophisticated in this!

  7. i like the colors of your dress. very original. so good!

  8. Oh you look fabulous! My mom always said that there’s nothing wrong with being just a little bit vain and that’s what I always try to live by!

  9. Love it love it love – just used my $10 coupon @JCP to purchase a purple sheath dress, now will make a bow belt like this – thanks for the inspiration – you look great!

  10. Perfect style! And I must say, between these 2 looks I love yours more.

  11. Love the looks! High heels are my go-to for feeling like a lady

  12. My favorite things right now are sheer stockings– preferably with seams. I hardly ever see anyone wear sheers anymore, and I wear opaque tights myself most if the time. So sheers definitely make me feel like a lady!

  13. Oh, these outfits are classy ! When I want to feel “lady-like”, I usually wear my Jean Paul Gaultier pinstriped suit ! Have a very classy Easter ! XOXO

  14. Natasha your dress is beautiful and your heels amazing! have a great Easter! xoxo

  15. Hello Gorgeous Lady! You look marvelous. I love the dress – and the nail polish is fabulous! I feel most like a lady in my killer heels. Nothing else matches the feeling of a strut, you know?!

  16. Oh my! I LOVE these! Thank pink dress is must have! SO fabulous!

    xo, Kenya

  17. Simply Fabulous!.. Loved the dress, moreover loved your sense for latest fashion clothes..

  18. Awesome dresses and fabulous designer footwear.. Great going girl!! xoxo

  19. great outfit, you look like a beautiful lady!

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  21. What a feminine and romantic look! I love it! πŸ™‚

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