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OOTD: Easy Rider

Ever since I was a teenager and watched the movie Easy Rider, I must admit I have had a penchant for motorcycles, hippie and biker chic fashion, and the open desert. What makes motorcycles so appealing to me? the thrill of riding fast, the freedom and lawlessness it entails, and the ability to wear boots […]

OOTD: In My Daughter’s Closet >=)

Woke up in the morning, stood barefoot before my closet for a long time, shaking my head in a terrifying realization … gasp … I had nothing to wear! So, very discreetly, I tipi toe down the hall, to my teenage daughter’s bedroom, and I promise I never do this, innocently peek at her closet, […]

A Fresh Reason to Love JCP

What’s almost as exciting as peeping tonight’s Oscar fashions?  The Joe Fresh collection is available at starting today! The Canadian-based fashion label offers simple and chic fashion – in amazing colors – at affordable pricing. With only a handful of US store locations available in New York and New Jersey, we are ecstatic that JCP is […]

Saturday Man Candy: Sparkling Marc Jacobs

Ladies, we know you’ve seen this everywhere — the word is out (and so is the hot and steamy Diet Coke commercial) that a man who’s life has been decorated with numerous awards, due to his designer collections of amazing shoes, watches, perfumes and handbags, has recently been named Creative Director of the Diet Coke’s […]

200 Causes for a Celebration!

Nensi and I are beyond excited to have reached our 200th follower today! Little did we know when we started our blog that it would be so much fun or that the blog would attract a single reader. We have been introduced to some amazing fashion blogs and we can’t get enough – wish we […]

OOTD: A Walk in the Park

You go for a walk in the park ’cause you don’t need anything Your hand that you sometimes hold doesn’t do anything The face that you see in the door isn’t standing there anymore   In a matter of time, it would slip from my mind In and out of my life, you would slip […]

OOTD: I’m With Cupid

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” a quote by Charles M. Schulz   We all know that red is the official color of L♥ve, but this Valentine’s Day, I decided to stand out by wearing fuschia instead. It all started with this fabulous Betsey Johnson patent leather tote […]

Stop Staring! 40’s Inspired Fashion

Today’s post is inspired by women’s retro dresses and my love of the 1940’s era when Rita Hayworth, Betty Grable, Ava Gardner and Susan Hayward ruled the Silver Screen, while most women imitated them, wearing simple, formfitting outfits with matching hats/snoods and gloves. And those hairstyles … to die for! One of my favorite online […]

Man Candy: ♥♡♥ Boxers or Briefs? ♡♥♡

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with some eye candy this year! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we just couldn’t resist doing a feature on men’s Valentine’s fashion 😉 … For ages now, men have been buying women flowers, chocolates, and, of course, sexy lingerie. What do we buy them? Cologne, a new Wallet, a Watch, Cigars, […]

In Loving Memory

This past Sunday our family lost our beloved yellow labrador, Noodles, to cancer. He was 10 years old. We are devastated by the loss, as we considered him our firstborn baby boy. Noodles was just as much my child as my human children are. Our other dog, Lucky, has lost his companion and best friend. […]

OOTD: Confessions of a true Maxxinista

My TJ Maxx love affair begun over 15 years ago, when a new store opened up close to my home, in College Point, NY. Even though I now live on the other side of the US, I am still a bargain huntress and a TJ Maxx super fan … big stores, huge variety of products and […]