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OOTD: New Year’s Eve and a Little Black Dress

My New Year’s celebrations may no longer consist of getting all glammed up in a sequins dress to attend a trendy club or fancy party.  It’s been more of a family affair for the past few years. I still love to dress up, though, every New Year’s Eve no matter where we celebrate. This year […]

Twenty Twelve on Instagram

2012 was a good year for us – a year full of love, family, and friendship. Here are some of our favorite Instagram memories from the past year. Cheers to a fantastic and fashionable New Year. Bring it 2013!

Sears … Seriously?

Sears. “Great fashion at great prices”. Seriously? How many of you have seen this latest Sears commercial and felt a sudden urge to shop there? Unless I’m in the market for a new appliance or it’s Fathers day and I’m tool shopping, I never step foot inside the Sears department store. After seeing this ad, […]

Saturday Man Candy: Double Your Pleasure!

This week we honor two beautiful male specimen, an International hunk Gilles Marini, and an all American boy Wes Welker. Gilles Marini danced his way into our dreams long before he appeared on “Dancing with the Stars”. Gilles first caught my eye in a spicy shower scene in “Sex and the City”. While at the […]

OOTD: A Leopard Skirt

What is it about leopard print that makes it so appealing? Diane von Furstenberg, one of my all-time favorite designers, has been quoted as saying: “nothing is more feminine and flattering than a leopard print.” The designer actually says she considers leopard a neutral (gotta love that!). When I’m in need of some extra sexiness in my […]

Dreaming in Black and White

Coco Chanel once said that “a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”. When I think of the word “Classy”, Kate Middleton comes to mind. She is always dressed so elegantly, yet she often plays it “safe”… I am not calling her dull in any sense of the word, but wouldn’t you love to […]

A Greek Tradition

Growing up in a Greek household, what I remember most is the cooking. Especially during the holidays, my grandma would always fill the house with the wonderful smells of her homemade Greek recipes. What I remember most fondly is the taste of my favorite butter cookies, called “Kourambiethes”. We continue this holiday tradition by baking […]

Flabbergasted about Liebster Award!

For two people who are newbie bloggers, Natasha and I are both very flattered to have been nominated for the Liebster Award. Our good samaritan blogger friend Meghan Fruehauf is the cheer leader who so kindly nominated us. A Liebster award is given to  new bloggers who have less than 200 followers, to give them […]

A Prayer

As parents, today’s tragedy just breaks our hearts.  A prayer for all those affected.

OOTD: Winter Wonderland

I’m dreaming of a New York Christmas. The elaborate store window displays, snow falling in Central Park, the city alive and bustling with activity. Living in Arizona for the past few years, I’m actually missing winter weather and the festive sites of the city with each passing holiday season. Today, with Christmas music blaring on, […]

Crayola Catwalk

I haven’t read a teen magazine in over 20 years now, though I’m guilty of subscribing to “Tiger Beat” for my darling, dimpled daughter who claims to be deeply in love with all the cute boys on the cover, with their perfect hairdos and bright white smiles. If only she knew … So this month’s […]

A Closet Tale

Do you ever stand in front of your closet and think: I must have this dilemma at least twice a week! Yesterday morning the “nothing to wear” panic set in something fierce.  Obviously, this called for a babysitter, and a shopping trip.  I was particularly in need of a holiday party dress, since last year’s […]

Saturday Man Candy

This weekend’s man candy edition is dedicated to your non-celebrity, everyday man. Meet my husband, aka Steve Lengua.  Okay ladies and gents, he may not be the most fashionable man that I know in the GQ sense of the word.  Steve’s idea of clothes shopping involves buying one t-shirt at Target in every possible color. However, […]

My Tar-shay Confession

At the risk of sounding prudish, the Target Store is where I shop for my groceries.  Long gone are the days when I used to buy soft “Cherokee” and “Circo” brand adorable baby clothes.  As my kids have gotten older, they’ve outgrown Target. What attracted me to their clothing department last week was a unique […]

DIY: Skinny Jeans!

I’ve been following a cool DIY blog called “Wobisobi” written by a lady named Anne.  Her DIY projects range from upcycling clothing and making new designs out of the old to making her own jewelry.  Her blog has given me ideas on how to make reuse of clothing from my own closet.  I don’t consider […]