A Bright Escape

Finding the right outfit is like finding the perfect man. It can make you feel happy, sexy and get you in the mood (to conquer the world!).  For the warmer weather, my ideal outfit consists of a bright-colored dress (check!), the perfect shoes (check!), and chichi accessories (check!). I am ready for that sweet summer escape!

Inspired by summer’s bright and bold colors, my “look of the day” is a coral dress from Nine West, multi-color wedges from Born, whimsical “some people do drugs, I buy shoes” tote from Unique Vintage, snake necklace from Boutique Collection, coral bracelet and hat from Charming Charlie.


30 comments on “A Bright Escape

  1. Love your dress Natasha….you look gorgeous and happy with your outfit all the time..:)

  2. Fabulous as always, love the floppy hat!

    Work it girl!

  3. That dress couldn’t fit you any better!! What a score! Great outfit girl!

  4. That is such a perfect outfit, I love it!

  5. You look so lovely and red suits you so well!

  6. You look so great that you remind me of Gene Wilder’s “The Woman in Red” heroine !!! XOXO

  7. Nine West does clothes?? amazing!
    love that color and cut, gorgeous dress!

  8. Love your look and those wedges of yours are sure colorful and the bag is nice tho! lovely pictures.

  9. Nine West … really – love the cut and color of this dress – brava!!!!

  10. I love that dress! I also am a huge fan of coral and I love how you paired it with those bright shoes. Lovely.

  11. Love the look. You look like one of your graphic on your site :). You’re definitely ready for an escape.

  12. Natasha you look stunning :), love the hole look !

  13. You look fabulous and I soooo want that bag! 🙂 ❤

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