OOTD: Bellagio Blues


Jacket: Chi Ole / Top: Bozzolo / Skirt: Best Codyhere / Sandals: Forever /           Wristlet: Juicy Couture / Necklace and Ring: Urban Outfitters / Bracelets: Macy’s /           Glasses: Ray Ban, here.

Even though the famous dancing water fountain, located in front of Bellagio Casino Resort, doesn’t dance to many blues tunes, I thought it appropriate to name this post after the color of my outfit. Whenever we visit Las Vegas, Bellagio Casino Resort is one of my favorite hotels on the strip. On my last trip to Italy, I was excited to visit the ancient town of Bellagio, located by the famous Lake Como, and of course, expected to find a town filled with fountains and astonishing water features, but was very surprised to find a peaceful, ancient and beautiful, waterfront, yet fountain less city instead. ImageImage

Upon closer inspection of Bellagio Casino Resort, I have found two resemblances to the Lake side town of Bellagio, Italy. Both are situated on a lake, and Bellagio Hotel building architecture resembles the historical Villa Melzi d’Eril, in Bellagio, Italy.


Villa Melzi d’Eril, province of Bellagio, Italy.


Bellagio Casino Resort, Las Vegas, NV.

Leaning on a gorgeously carved stone wall, listening to Sinatra’s “Luck Be a Lady”, wearing my blues, I’m truly enjoying the postcard perfect view of the mesmerizing synchronized dancing water show. ImageImagelv ImageImage20130613_1533371 20130613_1533161ImageFor more Bellagio Casino Resort enchantments, and to see not only waterworks, but their indoor botanical conservatory, colorful Lobby ceiling and famous glass Fiori di Como sculpture, visit their attractions page,  Las Vegas Hotels – Bellagio. You will understand why this is one of my favorite LV Hotels.

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25 comments on “OOTD: Bellagio Blues

  1. I love Vegas and that vest is super cute!

    • Thank you. In Vegas anything goes, you can overdress and underdress, and always fit in. That is why I love this studded cropped vest–has a little glam, yet it’s pretty casual, too. XOXO

  2. Love it, that is a sexy skirt :=)

  3. I love, love, love your look! I have to say as much fun as Vegas is (I’m actually going next month) boy do I ever want to go to Italy right now!

    • Oh, as much as I love Italy, going to Vegas is always an exciting experience. Visiting Hotels such a Venetian, Caesars Palace or Bellagio, always transport me back in time I visited Italy. I’m sure you will have an amazing time in Vegas. XOXO

  4. Beautiful pictures and you look sweet Nensi.

  5. These “blue” images are so spectacular and so refreshing ! As for your studded vest, it really rocks and looks perfect on you, with this dreamy top and skirt ! XOXO

    • I was surrounded in gorgeous blue colors, and had to incorporate that into the post title. I love ‘feminine and flirty’ outfits, but also with a little edge, and so the lace top, paired with a cropped denim studded jacket, did that for me. Thanx for noticing. 💋

  6. Such great pictures. You and your personal photographer did a great job. The architecture is amazing.

    • My personal photographer is my partner in crime (Natasha). That is how come we went to Vegas together, yet don’t have any ‘together pictures’. I think she’s amazing in everything she does, (given what she has to work with, hihi). Thank you for your kind words. 😘

  7. What an awesome post! Loving the blue skirt! My favorite artwork in the Bellagio is the Chihuly ceiling… I’m kind of obsessed with his work! Have a great day!


    XO RTC

  8. OH SNAP! Show those gorgeous gams, Sister! You look fierce and I love the pics of Italy and Vegas…two places I’ve never been!

  9. oh my – such beauty and you looked mah-vah-lous as usual.

  10. I love the Bellagio! I have never stayed there but I have walked though a couple times while visiting Vegas. The water show is fabulous!

  11. This outfit is fabulous. Love the skirt! ❤

  12. Adore your jeans jacket and what a beautiful place ! Xoxo

  13. Nice pictures!!You look great!!

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