🎀  Mother’s Day! 💝

🎀 Mother’s Day! 💝

Some people say it with a poem: M – O – T – H – E – R  “M” is for the million things she gave me, “O” means only that she’s growing old, “T” is for the tears she shed to save me, “H” is for her heart of purest gold; “E” is for […]

In Loving Memory

This past Sunday our family lost our beloved yellow labrador, Noodles, to cancer. He was 10 years old. We are devastated by the loss, as we considered him our firstborn baby boy. Noodles was just as much my child as my human children are. Our other dog, Lucky, has lost his companion and best friend. […]

What Type of Wine Are You?

One of our favorite TV shows is Cougar Town.  The new season is starting this Tuesday and we happened to see this cool advertisement on Cougar Town’s Facebook page: Whether it comes with some food or simply on it’s own, wine is the perfect ending to any kind of day, especially a shitty one. We […]

In the Closet

Happy New Year and Happy Thursday everyone! In lieu of the New Year, I thought I’d write about my secretly wishful resolution (if one can call it that). A girl can dream, can’t she … *sigh* I used to think that you’d have to be a famous Hollywood (or New Jersey) Housewife to own a […]

Twenty Twelve on Instagram

2012 was a good year for us – a year full of love, family, and friendship. Here are some of our favorite Instagram memories from the past year. Cheers to a fantastic and fashionable New Year. Bring it 2013!

A Prayer

As parents, today’s tragedy just breaks our hearts.  A prayer for all those affected.

Crayola Catwalk

I haven’t read a teen magazine in over 20 years now, though I’m guilty of subscribing to “Tiger Beat” for my darling, dimpled daughter who claims to be deeply in love with all the cute boys on the cover, with their perfect hairdos and bright white smiles. If only she knew … So this month’s […]

Saturday Man Candy

This weekend’s man candy edition is dedicated to your non-celebrity, everyday man. Meet my husband, aka Steve Lengua.  Okay ladies and gents, he may not be the most fashionable man that I know in the GQ sense of the word.  Steve’s idea of clothes shopping involves buying one t-shirt at Target in every possible color. However, […]

Saturday Man Candy

Here at FreeUrCloset, we would like to dedicate Saturdays to fashionable men, celebrity or not.  Nensi and I often share our “very deep” thoughts on the opposite sex over a glass of wine and we agree on one thing – we love a guy who knows how to “wear it well”. Our first dedication goes […]

Santa Baby…

In case you are making a list, here are a few pretty things I need in my “fashionable” life.  This Christmas, I am wishing in shades of blue. What color are you wishing for? 1. LC Lauren Conrad Heart Sweater 2. Vintage Styled Flower Ring 3. Stella and Dot Scarf 4. Society6 – Karen Cox […]

Black Friday at Midnight

Last night I took a trip to Scottsdale Fashion Square for the midnight madness sale. This is something I promised myself I would never do – succumb to the mass shopping mentality of Black Friday. My mom, an addict to any sale, wanted to check out the Macy’s deals, so I thought “What the heck..I […]

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Came across this Vliger & Vandam tote today. I just dont know what to do with myself. Its too good to be true. I think I need it. I think I really really do. *Adds to xmas lis*

My no stop imagination

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Nostalgic white feathers that lie down on a majestic staircase. Like snowflakes just mentioned. The retro atmosphere of a double height living room, in a New York City loft. A glimpse of Tokyo. Not a generic corner. One of those that from the hustle bustle of the city…

Closet Talk

My all-time favorite quote

From an Ebayer to an “Appoholic”

  As an Ebay veteran, I can tell you all about the convenience of budget shopping from your own home. For me it meant FREEEEDOMM!! Leaving the curlers in my hair, hanging out in my pjs — in my bed, while browsing pages and pages of great deals. Of course, there were frustrating times too, as […]